How to create efficient IT support systems

When it comes to IT support, time is money. When you take into account loss of employee productivity, a company of 10 employees could lose as much as $183/hour of downtime plus the cost of support (Source: When downtime occurs, every minute counts, and communication is key—especially if the issues are actually easy to fix.

The root of the IT issues usually begin with an inability to communicate the actual problem. Often when “something” comes up, we send an email or make a phone call but then experience difficulty actually relating what the problem is, giving rise to even more confusion and more time wasted.

Here are some tips to avoid the most common roadblock to getting the right IT support:

  1. When “something” is wrong, take screen shots and take accurate notes of the actual error message / steps leading to the “the problem”.
  2. If you can, transfer the logs / analytics to the IT technician so they know what they are dealing with.
  3. Research easy to use and cloud based solutions that you can easily deploy across your business.
  4. Allow remote access to your IT support, screen sharing ability makes problem easy to identify remotely. You are not waiting around for a tech to arrive.
  5. Get your IT technician to connect and control all your unattended desktops / laptops so that installs, maintenance and upgrades can happen with no downtime when no one is working.
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