Digital Marketing Trends Small Businesses Need to Know

It seems like everyday, there is a new trend or product that a small to medium sized business needs to know about or promises to change things for those businesses. It can leave many SMEs scrambling to keep up. Always read up on the new trend / product in question and focus on what will realistically improve business.

Here a quick checkbox:

  • On any social media platform, look past the amount of likes or shares that you get on your page, and instead focus on ROI.
  • This goes for digital as well as conventional marketing, Stand out! Personalize and talk to your customer, not the general mass.
  • Data analytics. Don’t always trust your gut if your analytics is screaming something else.
  • Use influencers with credibility. Why should he or she be the face of your brand.
  • Prioritise mobile. Social media revenue is coming vastly from mobile and you need to focus on optimising for mobile if you haven’t already.

Remember your customers are always engaging on devices, make sure you are present.

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