Like traditional public relations techniques, these Digital PR technologies help you maintain a favourable public image with consumers. Knowing how to use them in your business can help you combat negative feedback online, as well as build brand recognition and loyalty with your customers and possible leads. The Social Media topic gives you all the information you need to plan an effective social media strategy. With templates for social media plans and employee use of your social networks, there’s something to cover every social media base.You’ll also learn about the types of social media networks and how to use them for the electrical industry. Social media is considered one of the most popular internet marketing tools, as it can connect your business with new target markets. Developing an effective social media plan is a great step into the digital sphere. The Digital Advertising topic is a great way to learn about the different advertising options available for your business. Learn about SMS marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and much more. Click on any of the links below to get started with these topics. The Customer Engagement topic outlines the many different technologies that can help you develop customer relationships online. Learn about email marketing, SMS marketing, content management systems and more. This topic is a great way to further your knowledge of these digital technologies and offers plenty of advice for electrical businesses. The Video Marketing topic is a great spot to learn about the wide range of tools you can use to create videos for your business. See a real life example in our case study with Response Fire and Electrical, and pick up tips for how you can use video in your business.

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