The benefits of digital advertising for your business can be vast. Depending on the size and reach of the project, digital advertising platforms can help you achieve business goals by connecting you with new customers, or reengaging with old ones.


Digital Advertising Can be More Cost Effective Than Print

One of the biggest benefits of digital advertising is the cost. Generally, digital campaigns are much cheaper than their traditional printed counterparts. This is because the majority of digital advertising methods – such as search engine marketing, mobile advertising and social media marketing – work on a cost per use basis. That means that although your ad might be viewed a lot, you only pay if someone clicks on it. This is a far more effective way of  using your advertising dollars that placing an ad in the newspaper and hoping someone calls you. As an added bonus, you can set your campaign to stop showing once it’s reached your set budget, so you don’t accidentally overspend.


You Can Easily Measure Your Ads Effectiveness… And Adjust Your Campaign Accordingly

It’s much easier to measure the effectiveness of digital campaigns that it is traditional campaigns. Most platforms offer their own analytics platform that gathers data for you – such as Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights.

There are a multitude of ways you can measure your campaigns – click through rates, open rates, shares, likes, reach, the list is endless. All of these things include analysing hard data, which can be time consuming. If you have the time or the knowledge, we highly recommend taking some time each week or month to analyse individual campaigns. However, if you’re looking for a simpler measure, consider adding a promo code to your ad. That way, you can simply count the number of sales using the promotional code. If no one redeems that particular code, you know to move your funding away from that particular channel.


Digital Advertising Helps Get People to Your Website

There’s only so much you can say in an ad, guest blog post or social media post. But advertising on these channels is still beneficial, in that it helps you move traffic to your website. And this is where your business shines! You can include contact forms, lists of your services and much, much more content about your business in general, so getting people to your website should always be a priority. Find out more in our Creating a Website topic.


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