Electrical contracting business Platinum Electrical was founded in 2004. In the ten years since, the business has grown from a team of just two, to a state wide operation incorporating 54 full time employees. A highly diversified contracting business, Platinum Electrical services consumers in the greater Brisbane area, as well as delivering large construction contracts throughout Queensland.


General Manager Aaron Cluff has started trialing different digital marketing platforms, including social media and search engine marketing.

“We try to keep on top of all potential outlets that can connect us with potential customers, so we are continually looking into what others are doing, and thinking of the implications of implementing these technologies in our business,” said Aaron.

“I wouldn’t say that we are industry leaders in using the technology, but we are ahead of many of our competitors.”

The Platinum Electrical Facebook page is already popular with clients and the local community, but Aaron decided to test the waters with some targeted Facebook Ads to see if their posts could gain more traction.

“We started with a very small budget, and ran some promoted posts. This is a great way for us to build awareness of our current campaigns and social activities we are running,” he says.

“One example was our Pink Hope campaign (pictured). We used Facebook ads to increase the reach of the promotion, and it helped us give even more back to the local area.

“Facebook advertising was a natural progression for us. When businesses became supported on Facebook we started the page, and then paid advertising was introduced, so we explored that option too.”

Aaron has also developed a basic search engine marketing system, primarily through his search engine optimisation strategy (SEO).

“It was explained to us having a website is like having a billboard, however it’s SEO which makes sure the billboard is on the main street,” Aaron says.

“Using Google, I have been able to determine which keywords to use based on suggestions from Google, and I can track each ad to see how it’s going. If it’s not working, I turn it off and put that money somewhere else.”

That’s the beauty of the system for Platinum – they don’t like to waste money on ineffective platforms, so turning an ad off at the flick of a switch is a huge benefit.

“With digital ads, we can target homeowners in our local area, down to the suburb. We can also use built-in tools in the ad planner to target web users based on websites they’ve visited recently,” says Aaron.

“That’s so great for us, because our main marketing activity is brand recognition for customers in the Brisbane area; it’s not always about making a sale then and there.

“Essentially, it’s about getting them to think of you in their down time so they think of you at the right time; when they need you.”

Monitoring results is key to Aaron’s strategy for digital advertising.

“Like most advertising or promotional campaigns, determining return on investment is always a key challenge. Identifying where your business and leads are coming from is crucial to ensure you are spending your money wisely,” he says.

“We find however, that most platforms are supported by their own analytics, which helps.”

Aaron continues to research digital opportunities to keep up to date with changes to technology.

He advises other business owners to choose a platform they’re comfortable with, and experiment with posts or ads to create a unique product mix.

“There are plenty of options and ways to start small, in particular with Facebook and simple websites. Start with these, track your results and what is working (or not working) and invest in the areas which are bringing business in the door.”

Find out more about Platinum Electrical via their website or visit their Facebook Page

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