The most obvious benefits of customer relationship management systems is their ability to provide one single, connected view of your customer. However, smaller, more unique benefits can be found within a CRM system and processes, including:


File and Data storage

The cloud-based nature of CRMs enable you to store data and files in one central location. The very nature of a cloud-based system provides you with a secure location to store your data and files. Cloud-based systems can also decrease a business’s reliance on internal or external servers, as well as huge software downloads. Learn more about the benefits of cloud based systems in our Cloud Applications module, or hear a real life story in our Cloud Applications Case Study.


Task Management

Built in reminders and alert systems can allow you to schedule meetings, contact points and invoices well ahead of time, meaning that you won’t forget an important item that could otherwise be lost in a physical diary. This feature alone can help boost productivity, by keeping you on track and on target with your customer touch points.


Trackable Information

The use of a CRM will allow you to track all information relating to your business. From budgets and forecasts, to customer interactions and sales, CRMs provide you with multiple options for generating reports and tracking activities. This feature is a powerful tool for planning sales and marketing, and prioritising your time. Again, this will create more productive and efficient business processes.


Visible Information

Reports, snapshots and search functions provide you with a complete view of your customer. A CRM system allows you to view the lifetime of a customer, from lead to sales to repeat activity, enabling you to better manage your projects. This is particularly beneficial to businesses with repeat clients.

Your CRM can store massive amounts of personal detail about your client – not just their business preferences, but their family members names, their date of birth, the type of work they do, right down to their favourite bottle of wine. Any of these tiny bits of information could give you a valuable leg up over competitors, and provide unique touch points. Does a big client have a birthday coming up? Why not send them a personalised birthday card or gift?



The cloud-based nature of a CRM allows you and your staff to connect with one touch point throughout the day. Staff on site are able to log in remotely via mobile devices as long as they have an internet connection, meaning they may not need to return to the office for files and paperwork, or to raise an invoice.

This streamlining of systems and connectivity allows for quicker turnover from job completion to invoice raising, with the potential to flow on to cash flow systems if you’re paid on time.

For more information on the benefits of cloud-based CRM systems, see our Case Study with Electrical Continuity.

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