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Established in 2005, Electrical Continuity works for residential and commercial customers providing a wide range of services, from testing electrical blankets to contract work in the aviation industry.

Case Study Electrical Continuity with vans

Owner Nicholas Brameld uses simPRO to manage customer relationships as well as job scheduling.

“Customers aren’t willing to wait. They want service now or in the next couple of days. Worst case, they want to know when they will be fitted in.

“So we need to know the schedules and manage them efficiently to be successful. We use simPRO to manage scheduling on each project. It acts as a CRM system as well,” said Nicholas.

“I looked at six or seven different systems and decided on simPRO. The product has everything I needed. That was my first experience using a pay-as-you-go cloud application. Our whole business started to become a lot more efficient,” said Nicholas.

It took time for everybody to become comfortable with the new system, but the included training was seen as a benefit by owners and management.

“When we installed simPRO, there was five days of training for our staff. All the administrative staff did the full training and the electricians just needed to understand the parts that applied to them. It probably took another two months for everybody to get really confident. We had to work through a few jobs to get used to it,” said Nicholas.

simPRO is one of many job management systems that can help the electrical industry in the day-to-day running of their business. Other products include

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