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Fallon Services recently celebrated over 50 years in the electrical contracting industry. After a rebrand in 2013, the growing business is now known as Fallon Solutions, and offers a wide range of electrical services to the greater Brisbane area.

Fallon Solutions electrical worker

Managing Director Mark Denning invests part of his time developing Fallon Solutions’ many digital platforms, including their website, and strategies for their blog, social media accounts and eNewsletter.

“We engaged a designer on the website, who recommended a content management system as the base for our customer engagement tools, and we’ve built on it from there,” said Mark.

“It’s an Adobe based product which enables us to not only edit the website, but also stores our 13,000 contacts in its database, and allows us to send out eNewsletter communication.”

Mark saw the need to invest in a blog once updates to search engine optimisation algorithms – such as Google’s Hummingbird update – placed emphasis on quality content as much as keyword matches.

“Our SEO specialist helps us create posts that will be informative to our readers,” said Mark.

“We aim to include 75 per cent useful information about the industry – which is why our blog is called Handy Hints – and 25 per cent offers, so that we don’t overwhelm the users with sales pitch content.

“We get tens of thousands of hits to the website each month and we can directly link traffic from the blog through to leads, so it has certainly been successful.”

The blog itself provided a platform for Mark to connect his eNewsletter with the website, making it easier to track conversion rates. As everything is sent via the website content management system, all platforms are easily connected.

“Having one tool for tracking all of this information is so helpful. Our specialist also provides us with a summary of conversions after every eNewsletter that we send, so we can see what was effective and what wasn’t,” said Mark.

Mark says this system helped them survive the latest dip in the economy.

“The newsletter, blog and website, it all works together to build repeat and referral customers. And now, over 75 per cent of our business is repeat or referral,” he said.

“It allows us to get to know our customers and their interests so that we can better engage with them on the next newsletter.

“It also provides us with a regular, repeat business, which is what we rely on.”

Moving forward, Mark and the team at Fallon Solutions are investigating how all of this works with their search engine optimisation strategy.

“Search engines keep changing the rules, so we want to look at our entire SEO strategy, and update it based on the latest requirements,” said Mark.

“It’s a big process, and these things require a bit of time – they don’t happen overnight.”

Find out more about Fallon Solutions via their website or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn


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