Generally speaking, social media is about building relationships and driving sales, but as a whole the benefits of social media are numerous. Some great examples include communicating with current or potential customers, researching your competitors, decreasing marketing costs (by decreasing the need for paid advertising), and growing business to business relationships. However, nearly two-thirds of marketers who currently use social media find one major benefit; it helps to generate leads.


The benefits of social media marketing

Benefits of Social Media

Over one-third of social media users follow social media channels associated with businesses or brands. Your fans or followers give you the potential to make your business more visible, simply by sharing your content. Essentially, it’s word-of-mouth for the modern age. And if you create engaging content that people want to see, they will share it for you.

Using social media in your business has a huge impact on your marketing spend: not only can it be used to reduce marketing costs, it can also help you define target markets and achieve better rankings in search engines. Above all, generating leads is one of the biggest benefits of social media, with 60 per cent of marketers using social media platforms to generate leads, despite only having one year of experience with the technology.


Online visibility

Benefits of social media fan base

Social media also helps to increase brand awareness by making your business more visible online. When your social media fans share your content, they’re giving you free PR, and introducing their friends to your brand. Even if what it being shared is social commentary and not at all related to your product, this can help make your business more visible to potential clients. When they do need services that you offer, they will have your brand top of mind and might consider contacting you.

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