A blog is a great way to open a direct channel of communication with your customers by giving your company a voice.

Blogs are generally more informal than traditional websites, with a more conversational tone preferred. Allowing people to comment on your posts is a great way to create conversation, and yet another valuable tool for customer feedback.

By posting regular interesting articles in an online diary format you’re helping to give your company a personality and giving existing and potential customers a reason to regularly engage with you.

As blogs are regularly updated with new and original content, this also helps your business achieve higher internet search result rankings, which in turn attracts new customers.

Popular blogging software, such as WordPress or Blogger allow you to quickly create content to publish on the web, with little or no necessary knowledge of web design.

Blogging Strategies

Showcase yourself

Unlike other social media platforms, blogs are a great avenue for regularly showcasing your products or services. It also allows for images and even photo galleries. Why not showcase a new installation you’ve completed?


Share industry news

The comment based format of blogs is a great way to generate conversation. If you come across something industry specific that you’d like to discuss, create a blog post and start a conversation.


Implement a key word strategy

Use your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy from your website, and implement something similar in your blog. Alternatively, combine the two sites and build a blog into your website. This will boost your SEO strategy, and allow you to continually update your website, something the Google Algorithms look for when determining your Google rank.

See the Search Engine Optimisation module for more.


Publish a Guest Post

Know someone in the industry? Give them the chance to be heard, and allow them to create a blog post. This is a great way for time-strapped people to get new content for their website.

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