Social networking sites are platforms that allow people to connect with friends, family, and colleagues (or anyone they like really) to stay in contact and share content with each other. Generally, businesses are also able to create an account and connect with their customers via these sites. Facebook is the most used social media platform in Australia, with 13.2 million Australian’s accessing the site each month.

Strategies for using Facebook

Personalise your response

No matter the question, make every effort to answer it. Your customers may take to social media to release their frustrations. Although this can sometimes be a deterrent to creating a Facebook Page, it’s actually the perfect reason to. Use Facebook as a public forum for feedback, and answer comments – both negative and positive – as quickly as possible. As a rule, try not to delete negative comments, unless they violate your posting policy or contain offensive or discriminatory language.

Create a posting policy, and make your fans are aware of it

A posting policy gives you your fans a guideline as to how your manage your Facebook page and what’s acceptable. Outline in it your rules for the page, everything from how long it may take to respond to posts (a general suggestion is no more than 24 hours) to what constitutes an offensive post.

Several landmark cases brought before the Australian Standards Board have made it clear it is the page owner’s responsibility to manage the content on their page, regardless of who put it there. In these cases, the Board expressed its view that the Australian Association of National Advertisers Code of Ethics applies to content generated by advertisers as well as material posted by other users. Let your fans know that posts that contain discriminatory or offensive comments will be removed.

Want to generate likes? Then make sure people know your Facebook page exists.

You can add a Facebook button to any current communications, both digitally or in print. This is great to use on advertising, your website, you could put this on everything from quotes to business cards. Many social media sites allow you to create buttons you can then easily embed on your website or other digital channels. These buttons are linked to your social media page and encourage your visitors to explore your social media channels.

Consider Facebook advertising.

Whether you’re hoping to increase likes on your page, or aiming to generate leads, you can create very specific, targeted ads to reach your desired market. For instance, you can choose your advertising audience based on their age, location, gender, relationship status, education level and more. Make sure you use an engaging image, and keep the copy short and to the point.

Engage, engage, engage.

Facebook is all about creating a platform for conversation. As with all social media networks, posting regular content is a useful way to keep your business top of mind. New Facebook algorithms – the background equations that Facebook uses to determine which posts display on which feeds – favour quality content over spam-like posts, so be sure to post content that people will want to see (find out more in our blog post – Facebook announces “less promotional posts”). This can be tricky at first; try researching your favourite pages and identify why you like their content.

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