LinkedIn began as a social media site for professionals, a place where you could store your resume and projects, and share these with your professional network. It has quickly grown to be a second runner to the traditional resume check, with many companies using it to screen potential employees, and job seekers using it to network with people in their industry. Although these elements are great for job seekers, from a small business point of view LinkedIn is a great place to advertise your organisation and make potential customers more familiar with your brand. And with over five million users in Australia, it’s a market you could be tapping into.

LinkedIn Strategies

Engage in LinkedIn Groups, and contribute

This you can do from your personal account as well as your business account. Find a group that is talking about things that matter to your business – anything from energy efficiency to DIY, to back of house issues such as finance and HR – and join the conversation. Your company name will be displayed when you post; a great way to build brand recognition.  


Put yourself, and your brand, front and centre

Your personal profile is one click away from your company profile, so make it as professional as possible. That may require taking a professional photo.  


Build your relationships … and your endorsements

When you add someone new to your network, endorse them for a skill you know they possess. Most people will endorse you back. Building your endorsements add credibility to your page, so start adding your own and seek out endorsements from those in your network.  


Increase your company’s visibility through your staff

Send out a staff memo with details of your LinkedIn account, and encourage your staff to add the page to their personal account. This will once again increase brand visibility through another network.  


Follow key influencers and share their content

Individuals will follow your brand page for insight, so quality content is key. Start following brands, businesses and influencers who post thought provoking content, and share it with your fans. Using a question or asking them for their thoughts on a topic may help generate engagement. On average, companies that post 20 updates per month are able to reach 60 per cent of their fans, so it is wise to have a regular posting routine.  

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