Image sharing platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest allow you to share creative ideas with your audience, yet work in different ways. Instagram allows you to share images you have taken – product images, staff photos, anything you like – whereas Pinterest is about sharing ideas, and “pinning” other people’s photos to your “board”, or photo album.

Both platforms work in the same way as other social media sites; people can follow your account and share your media.

Strategies for Sharing Images

Show that you’re only human

Use photo sharing sites to add a human element to your business. Photo sharing sites are a great way to take people behind the scenes of your workplace. Perhaps your business is celebrating a milestone and you’ve chosen to celebrate. This human content is great for sharing online.


Use hashtags on Instagram

Much like Twitter, Instagram allows you to create or join a conversation via a hashtag. Create one specific for your business to create a steady stream of content.


Slow down your post rate

Unlike other social media sites, constant posting is not always effective for image sharing platforms. Set up a schedule for posts every few days or even once a week, so that you don’t saturate your followers feed.

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