What is social media and how does it apply to an electrical business? Social media refers to websites that allow anyone to create, share and interact with a wide range of content. It differs greatly from traditional media by allowing people to interact with content. Whereas traditional media such as newspaper, radio, and television give people a ‘one way street’ experience, social media creates a space for interaction that opens up the communication process, creating a ‘two way street’; essentially, social media allows the individuals to interact with the creator.

The increase of mobile internet devices, combined with more accessible and faster internet speeds, has created a rapid increase in social media uptake, with millions of users logging on to various networks on a daily basis.

Monthly Social Media use in Australia

Monthly social media use in Australia

Traditionally, a person’s network was limited to their physical space, e.g. friends, family, work colleagues. But with the development of the internet and the expansion of social platforms, people are now able to connect with a network of individuals across the globe, networks that are far larger and more diverse than they once were. Social media is about sharing information, and for that reason, organisations worldwide have gradually been adapting these networks for business use.

While some businesses are using social media sites for marketing purposes, an apparent lack of confidence in the area has stopped the majority (59%) of businesses in the electrotechnology industry from using the technology. Growing your online community through these social media platforms may help your business build leads and generate relationships with consumers.

How people use social media in Australia


What the infographic above shows is that consumers are willing and able to share your content online; you simply have to connect with them.

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