Video as an advertising platform has been gaining a lot of momentum in the last few years, and for a variety of reasons. Understanding the benefits of video – and how to use it as a marketing platform for your business – means understanding why online videos have grown in popularity.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, mobile technology such as phones and tablets have meant that people are able to use their favourite device on the go at any location. This puts the power in their hands – they can choose what they want to watch, and more importantly, when they want to watch it. Secondly, mobile internet technology has improved vastly, as have home broadband networks. This means people can be connected to the internet anywhere they go. With the click of an app, literally millions of videos are at your customers fingertips.

This might make you think – why bother? How can your video stand out amongst the crowd? Well, we’ve all heard the saying that pictures are worth a thousand words. Research suggests that an online video is worth 1.8 million words. Not only that, but pages with video are 89 times more likely to be seen than pages without. Find out more about the unbelievable results video marketing can bring to your business in this video by Custom Media Labs.

Video is a great medium for brand recognition, and a wonderful way to show that you’re an expert in your industry. But building a brand can take years. That’s where video comes in – it allows you to create an immediate impact on your customers. What better way to do that than with one of the most popular platforms in digital marketing – YouTube. YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google, and is quickly rising is popularity, with over one billion users worldwide.

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