Response Fire and Electrical is an electrical contracting business based in Perth. Established in 2009, the business has grown to employ eight staff members.

Owner Greg Allan likes to stay ahead of the crowd in terms of marketing activities, to try and build a competitive edge in his local contracting community. His distinctive way of doing this is by using video marketing techniques to engage with his customers and generate conversations with potential customers.

“We started using video marketing so that we could get ahead of the market. I knew a director who suggested an idea to me, and it just spiralled from there,” says Greg.

Video marketing allows Greg and his team to show their personality to customers, and connect on a level that’s not normally found in the electrical industry.

“We use a lot of humour in our videos, and it really shows. Our customers are often saying that they found our video, or that they’ve shared it with their network,” says Greg.

“We’re getting around 200 shares a week, which is great.”

Greg has used professionals to create videos in the past, but now uses his own simple technology to film in the office or on location. With a few outtakes and a simple script, Greg simply sets up his smart phone on a tripod and hits record.

“We like to keep our information videos informal – it’s about having a chat with the customer, not speaking perfectly to a script,” he says.

“This keeps the whole thing natural and we get a really good flow. Because our topics are always something we’re experts in, it’s quite easy to film on the topic without making mistakes.”

Greg finds that it’s easy to judge the success of their videos, in two different ways.

“We get a lot of feedback from customers about the videos, so we know it’s working through word of mouth,” he says.

“Of course, we use official measurement tools to determine how well we’re doing, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and our CRM if we send by email.

“That way, we can measure our return on investment.”

For Greg, video marketing is all about getting the Response name out to the right people, and building brand recognition.

“If we can reach people in a different way, that’s great for our brand. They may not see the video and book us, but we think our humour and advice will keep us top of mind for potential customers, so that when they do need a sparkie, they give us a call.”

Find out more about Response Fire and Electrical at their website, or connect with them on Facebook.

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