Digital Strategy

  • Develop long form Online Business Plan
  • Develop Staff Social Media Policy
  • Develop Social Media Plan
  • Develop digital budget
  • Develop Internet Usage Policy
  • Create a Privacy Policy
  • Develop a Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

Internet Security

  • Sign up for Stay Smart Online and SCAMwatch emails
  • Change the password for all accounts, using a random password generator
  • Review my security software to ensure that it is compatible with all devices on my network
  • Ensure my security software includes antispam protection, network protection, antimalware protection and proactive internet protection
  • Backup my website and it’s data regularly
  • Introduce all members of staff to our Terms of Use Policy and keep a signed copy on their file

Reputation Management

  • Claim accounts on Social Media
  • Claim website domains
  • Create a Social Media Policy for dealing with online reviews
  • Choose a reputation tracker tool
  • Create a Crisis Control Policy
  • Create a Brand Standards Document

Quality Control

  • Subscribe to ACCC Electrical Recalls eNewsletter
  • Analyse the need for online Document Storage
  • Determine Safety Training Schedule


  • Create a Privacy Policy and include it on my website
  • Schedule a time to backup my customer data regularly
  • Update my passwords on all accounts
  • Make copies of personal documents such as passports, bank cards, drivers licences etc. and secure them in a safe place

Getting Your Staff Online

  • Develop a transition management plan
  • Determine budget for hardware
  • Determine budget for software
  • Complete Internet Usage Policy for all staff
  • Determine training schedule for new online systems
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