Online Planning

  • Create an Online Business Plan
  • Download the Goals Checklist
  • Develop a Function Specific Document – a list of what I want my website to do
  • Determine my digital budget

Digital Basics

  • Update my passwords
  • Review my marketing campaigns
  • Consolidate my mobile devices in one account
  • Review my website to see if it uses white space, headings and common language

Creating a Website

  • Register a web address
  • Create a website
    • Create a Functional Specification Document
    • Find a web developer and designer
    • Write content
    • Proof read everything
  • Make my website responsive
  • Promote my website across all marketing channels

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Create a search engine optimisation strategy with my specialist
  • Investigate search engine marketing costs
  • Claim my address on Google Maps
  • Create a Google Plus account
  • Create a Google Analytics account

Social Media

  • Create a social media plan to determine which channels will work for me
  • Create accounts on chosen social networks
  • Create a Social Media Policy for my accounts
  • Create a Staff Social Media Policy and ensure all staff have been told about and have signed a copy of the policy
  • Create a social media posting schedule document
  • Promote my social media accounts across all platforms
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