Management Tools

  • Determine my need for a Customer Relationship Management System
  • Investigate web tools for invoicing
  • Implement web tool training for my staff every time I introduce a new system

Cloud Applications

  • Schedule regular appointments to ensure that any data stored in Cloud services is backed up
  • Reassess my internet system to ensure that the internet is always available
  • Investigate a cloud based document sharing system, to cut costs and improve efficiency within my organisation

Online Job Sharing

  • Schedule regular appointments to ensure my job sharing software and data is updated regularly
  • Investigate cloud based job scheduling systems, to improve the efficiency of my staff
  • Investigate cloud based inventory systems, to maintain stock levels and keep control of costs


  • Develop a Telework Policy that outlines the requirements of staff working from home or on the road
  • Complete the Telework Implementation Plan template and ensure its integration into my business

Video Conferencing

  • Investigate my needs for Video Conferencing Hardware – either incorporating it into my current computer system, or purchasing a standalone system
  • Optimise my office space for video, considering lighting and colour schemes


  • Conduct cost benefit analysis of taking payments online and using online and using online booking systems
  • Increasing security and firewalls
  • Create a Privacy Policy
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