Helping your staff to be successful online has many benefits for both them, and your business.


Digital leadership creates trust in customers

Just like in the offline world, the way you present yourself and your business online can have a huge impact on the way a customer views your brand. Offline, your customer’s probably prefer clean, spacious and well lit shops to browse or offices to meet you in. They search for knowledgeable assistants to help them find what they’re looking forward and provide them with the services they need. Online, it’s the same thing. A clean website with a well thought out message goes a long way to build trust with customers. A blog, social media account, or live chat service not only show that you want to service your customers, but also show that you are an industry leader and have the knowledge required to complete their job.


Staff advocacy is a cheap and easy marketing opportunity

The skills your staff gain by using online tools not only apply to their work life, but their personal life. If you make your staff feel comfortable using online tools, you may find they naturally become advocates for your brand, spreading your message through their own personal channels. Your employees can offer a great insight into your business, and most likely know more about your business than your customers, so why not use them as brand ambassadors on your social media channels? This can be through recommending your business page to their friends (to increase likes), sharing your posts (to increase reach), or by writing a guest post for your accounts (to increase engagement). With a bit of training – and a clearly written Staff Internet Usage Policy – your staff can become a digital advertising method you may not have considered previously.


Upskilling staff is great for morale

Giving your staff the freedom to achieve great things by using digital tools has the unusual effect of increasing staff morale. Giving them the freedom of being able to work from home using digital devices, or check-in remotely throughout the day, shows that you trust your staff and their ability to complete their work. And happy staff not only have a positive effect on your office, it has an economic impact on your business, as they’re more likely to be retained within the business, rather than trying to find work somewhere else.

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