As with all investments, the choice to go digital should be based on a wide variety of factors. Our other topics outline the efficiencies you can easily make by using online tools such as social media, digital invoicing and job management systems, and flexible working arrangements. Rather than looking at the dollar value of these tools, this topic investigates the human element in this process – your staff.

Your staff can be a huge asset when taking your business online. They might have ideas or suggestions about tools to use that will make them more efficient and productive, or they might already have the skills required to use digital tools. It’s important to talk to your staff when planning online activities, because you never know what knowledge already exists within your organisation.

You may be the business owner interested in using online tools, and facing some resistance from staff who don’t know how to adapt to the change. Or you may be a manager who sees the benefits of digital tools, but is fighting to gain approval from upper management to use them. Both of these reactions are common when beginning the journey of using digital technology in businesses.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, both of these reactions come from a lack of education about digital tools and how they can help everyone in your business, from the apprentice and electrical workers right through to upper management, owners and CEOs. This topic outlines the ways in which you can manage these reactions through careful planning and ongoing training and education practices.

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