Internet security is big business. In the past, it was as simple as a firewall on your dial up connection. Today, with the rise in networked computers and mobile devices, businesses need a more sophisticated security system.

Our internet connections, data limits and online activities are continually increasing and evolving. We’re spending more and more time online. At the same time, hackers are becoming more creative with the ways in which they’re able to access your business. If you’re operating online in any way, not only are you charged with finding a security system that suits your needs, you’re also responsible for protecting the data of your customers and business partners.


Unfortunately, illegal internet practices such as hacking and data mining are also big business. Security threats can come from a variety of places – a vulnerable plugin in on your website can give someone access to your server, and start sending spam through your email; a hacker can break into your account and modify your accounting records or steal your banking details; a group of hackers can undertake a Denial of Service (DoS) attack and stop operations for the day; a chain email might be programmed to put a virus on your computer. You might think – “why would anyone do this to my business”? The answer, quite simply, is “because they can”.

Threats can come in all of these forms and many more. The end result is usually the same – a serious disruption to your business. There are many factors to consider when purchasing internet security software – but these days it’s time worth taking to protect your most valuable assets.

So if your business does something as simple as sending emails, it’s important to have effective web safety practices in place. Think of your website, data and other online assets as a physical shopfront. You wouldn’t leave work at the end of the day without setting the alarm and locking the doors would you?

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