The benefits of online security are vast, and help not only you and your business, but your customers and staff too.


Protecting Your Customers

Keeping your customers data safe is one of the main reasons for a good internet strategy. Not only because it builds trust with your customers, but because by law you are required to maintain their privacy.

Under the Privacy Act 1988, businesses are required to keep personal information safe of risk hefty fines. The Act defines personal information as information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable. It may include things like customer, supporter and donor names, email addresses or other contact information, billing or transaction information, photos or videos and information about a person’s opinions or preferences.


Protecting Your Server

Some online activities can allow hackers to build a ‘back door’ into your website. This means they will have another access point to your website, aside from the regular login. Back doors can be built into plugins, content management systems or software upgrades, so often you’re unknowingly letting hackers in simply by using your website.

One of the main reasons hackers use this type of attack is because it allows them access to your website, without being detected. This allows them to use your server – or the server your website is saved on – to send spam emails from your account, insert a virus into your computer, or steal or modify your data. All of these breaches mean big trouble for business, so it’s best to protect against them.


Protecting Your Reputation

An industry that operates on word of mouth as one of its main promotional activities is built on one foundation: trust. Trust between you and your customers. A serious security breach and subsequent loss of data says one thing to your customers: I can’t trust this business to keep me safe. Because data loss is a complex matter, small businesses may not have the means or the strategy for dealing with a data breach. The result? Bad press for your business. Managing your reputation can be tricky enough as it is – add to the equation a drop in trust, and you might find your customers are soon going elsewhere.


Protecting Your Business Operations

Whether it’s a broken computer from a virus, a denial of access to job management software, or the need to take time out of your schedule to deal with a data loss, the result of all of these hacks and attacks comes down to one thing – a disruption to your business. This will cost you money, time and quite possibly sleep as you worry over the issue. So for peace of mind and to continue with business as usual, it’s always best to use an internet security system in your business.


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