Horan & Bird have operated in Townsville since 2004, where they provide a full range of electrical, air conditioning and solar services. Their clients include residential, commercial, industrial and the agricultural sector.


The company’s admin and job management is now conducted 100% online, after they started their digital migration in 2007.

Customer accounts can also be paid online and co-owner John Horan says concerns around customer privacy and security are largely things of the past.

“There’s no drama at all,” he says, “it’s just how people do business these day.”

John supports his company’s Privacy Policy (which is available for customers to download) through staff training in the maintenance of customer privacy.

“Internally, it’s all about protecting our customers’ information and credit card or bank details,” says John.

“Having the policy is one thing, but you’ve got to back it by training your staff and making sure they follow the right procedures so that no customer information leaks.”

Using secure links and payment channels, such as PayPal or formal bank transaction services, also bolster customer peace of mind.

Horan & Bird’s marketing is also focused online, supported by occasional hard copy in the form of direct letter mailouts and flyers.

“Traditional marketing like TV and radio is gone for me, unless I want to drive a specific sale or promotion,” says John, who completed marketing MBA in 2014.

Instead, he spends on Google AdWords, search engine optimisation and social platforms that all drive traffic to his website.

These mutli-channel lead generation activates funnel to Horan & Bird’s chosen Customer Relationship Management software, Infusionsoft.

Once ‘nurtured’ in the Infusiosoft platform, leads are catalogued in job management program SimPro for site visits and follow-up.

“Infusionsoft sells for you 24 hours a day, while you sleep, I love it,” says John.

“And using it means when it comes to a site visit, we’re only going to hot leads, leading to a conversion rate of 80%.”

Staff training, and SimPro and Infusionsoft’s in-built privacy mechanisms, give Horan & Bird’s lead generation efforts total security and privacy.

John has also found the switch to digital marketing and lead gen extremely cost-effective, particularly when applying some ‘trade secrets’ that halve his AdWords spend for the same result.

“I used to spend about $350,000 on marketing to our customers each year,” he says.

“I can achieve the same penetration for about $70,000 using digital marketing.”

Find out more about Horan and Bird, connect with them on Facebook.

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