Keeping certain information private when operating online has many benefits, especially to your personal and business security.


Keep Your Business Going, 24/7

As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is shut down operations. Unfortunately, that is exactly what you might need to do if you face a serious data breach. When you’re data is stolen, often the scammers or hacker has taken control of your website or server, shutting it down or limiting your access to your files and systems. This can be disastrous, as it stops you from continuing with normal work.

Even if your website or server hasn’t been hacked, you still might need to shut down your business, in order to have the time to address the breach. This can take weeks of back and forth with IT teams, staff and your accounts and legal advisors.


Protecting Your Business Reputation

On top of the physical loss of data, time and of course money spent on dealing with the breach, you may also be faced with a public relations mishap in the event of stolen data. To protect your business from a negative story in the press – which in turn leads to a decrease in trust from your customers – it’s best to adhere to strict security and privacy procedures such as those outlined in our Security and Privacy & Copyright topics.


Avoiding Scammers

A lot of email scams rely on the recipient giving away some personal information to the sender – you need to engage them for the scam to be effective. Keeping certain information private can make you less susceptible to this type of scam. If you do receive such an email, it’s best practice to delete it, but it might make you wonder – how did they get your email address in the first place? To keep your emails secure, try not to sign up to too many eNewsletters via your work email address. You also might like to consider having two personal email addresses – one which you do your banking and finance through, the other for eNewsletters and general web browsing.


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