Horan & Bird have operated since 2004 in Townsville, where they provide a full range of electrical, air conditioning and solar services. Their client list spans residential, commercial, industrial and the agricultural sector.


The company’s admin and job management is now conducted 100% online, after they started their digital migration in 2007.

Central to the company’s online initiatives are its Privacy Policy and Credit Information Management Policy, both downloadable from the Horan and Bird website.

Horan & Bird management developed the documents with input from the company’s solicitors, says co-owner John Horan.

Working within the policies minimises the business’s exposure to heavy fines for breaches of the Privacy Act (1988), or damages from clients whose information might be leaked.

“Adhering to our Privacy and Credit Information Policies is huge,” says John, “if you’re not doing the right thing you can get big fines.”

John says the policies outline Horan & Bird’s internal practice regarding customers’ personal information provided in standard transactions and, where applicable, credit applications.

“Broadly, the policies provide transparency to the client and a level of trust that their information is only viewed internally or with relevant credit reporting bodies,” says John.

At Horan & Bird, staff are trained in Privacy and Credit Information Policy compliance and updated as privacy legislation evolves.

“Internally, it’s all about protecting our customers’ information and credit card or bank details,” says John.

“Having the policy is one thing, but you’ve got to back it by training your staff and making sure they follow the right procedures so that no customer information leaks.”

John says that while his polices are rarely, if ever, referred to by customers, they’ve become a key aspect of Horan & Bird business governance.

“They never really come up, it’s just about covering your bum,” he says.

“It’s just one of these things you learn as your business gets bigger and you educate yourself on all these little boxes that have to be ticked.”

Most electrical companies of his size or smaller, however, are flying blind with regard to privacy and don’t have formal policies in place.

“The majority wouldn’t have a written privacy policy,” says John.

“When we became aware of the risks, we wrote our policy up immediately.”

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