Quality Control is certainly not a new idea, however, digital applications are allowing businesses to be more thorough than ever in control methods.


Controlling output helps you analyse all business data

Have you ever had a problem maintaining inventory levels? It can be hard to know what stock you’ll need for each job and when. An inventory management system can help you with this in two ways. Firstly, it can help with missing inventory, as all stock should move through the system before being distributed. Secondly, it can help you plan your inventory needs for upcoming jobs. For example, if you knew you were wiring a new home and had to order stock, you could simply upload specifications from the builder, and the inventory system can calculate exactly what you will need for the job, based on the requirements of your previous jobs. A system like this can save you valuable time, by ensuring you always have project quantities at hand when they’re required. Find out more about the different types of inventory systems in our How-to Guide.


Quality control systems build job collaboration

Using a cloud based quality control system – whether it be a safety management system, job management software, inventory management or document sharing system – has the flow on effect of improving collaboration on projects. By storing all information in one place, all stakeholders can access exactly the same information at any given time, from any location. This decreases the chance of miscommunication about a project, as everyone can access master documents about action plans.


Systems help you stay on schedule

Working on a project with lots of individual tasks or staff member involved? Job management software is the perfect solution for keeping all stakeholders up to date with all current, future and previous tasks. With all content saved in one centralised location, this type of schedule keeps everyone current on their responsibilities, whilst also keeping the project on target for deadlines.


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