Managing your reputation online doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task. In fact, it’s often easier than managing your reputation offline, thanks to a few online public relations tricks.

For small business, the idea of public relations is not a new one. Many electricians work hard within their local community to build a brand customers trust. By sponsoring sports teams, placing ads in local papers, and having interviews with local news stations, you’re already actively shaping your image.

All of these things and more make up the world of reputation management. As with our other topics, the new thing here is to also do these things online. And it can still be as simple as having an interview with a local news source, and posting that interview online. Or sharing your sports sponsorship with a photo of the team on your social media accounts.

But where the online world really benefits you in reputation management, is the ease in which it helps you track conversations. By subscribing to news feeds, setting up social media accounts and using Google Alerts, you can tap into conversations customers are already having about your business.

And whether you’re online or not, the conversations will be there. You may choose not to use social media, but your customers certainly will not. So how will you know that they’re saying about your business online if you’re not there to see it? This is where reputation management comes in – it helps you so discover these conversations and react to them.

In this topic, we will investigate the ways in which you can manage your reputation online. From public relations activities, to protecting your brand or trademark, this topic covers the essentials for giving your business a public voice online.

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