Technology is continually evolving. With new digital technologies released constantly each year, it’s important to stay up-to-date with changes. In the electrical industry, these technologies can help businesses reduce their costs, increase productivity and become more efficient. These topics address cloud based technologies that can be a huge benefit to electricians. The Management Tools topic outlines a variety of web tools available for electricians, including tools for quoting, scheduling, project management, job tracking, invoicing, accessing catalogues, insurance and accreditation. Cloud applications are software tools that can help you stay mobile, and keep your business going when on the road. The Online Job Sharing topic investigates the ways in which your staff, stakeholders and collaborators can all work together on the same project. Telework, outlines the ways in which staff can stay connected on the road. From mobile phone technology to cloud based applications, the topic covers a variety of technologies that help to improve workflow between sites, and increase communication with the office. The Video Conferencing topic furthers this, with advice on how to employ video technology to improve communication in your business. To discover more, click on the buttons below. And finally the eCommerce topic outlines the various technologies available to electricians, to help them secure payment quickly and effectively.

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