Traditionally, computing services have been delivered through desktop computers, laptops or mobile devices using proprietary software. Cloud computing or software as a service is simply a new technology sourcing and delivery model. It allows computing resources such as storage, servers, software applications and other services to be delivered quickly, conveniently and on demand for a fee.

These new services have evolved largely as a result of reliable broadband networks, reliable server infrastructure, virtualisation and open source software, which have reduced the cost of software for data centres. Most of us have now experienced some kind of service delivered across the internet. And with evolution in technology, the services are truly endless.


About cloud applications

Cloud services fall into three broad categories – Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. The most common use of cloud services is in email services, data hosting and storage and the delivery of managed services by IT services and software providers.

Cloud Applications in the electrotechnology industry

Cloud Application use in the electrotechnology industry

While the infographic above shows that 57 per cent of the electrotechnology don’t use cloud applications, it is highly likely that many do not realise they are already using them.

Web based email services are freely available from a wide range of providers – with Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud and Yahoo mail being the most widely used. See the Customer Relationship Management module for more on email marketing.

Cloud services such as simPRO, simTRAC, GroundPlan, Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Xero, Adobe Creative Suite, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and DropBox are all commonly used by electrotechnology businesses.

Cloud applications can be accessed from anywhere at any time, on any device. Getting the maximum value requires having a clear picture of what can be achieved, what you want to achieve, and whether these options and goals align. There are definite advantages in having a local IT services or cloud partner to support you.

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