The benefits of cloud computing are vast. At their most basic level, cloud applications allow you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, and at any time. With the growing number of web-enabled devices used in business today (smartphones, tablets and laptops), access to data is even easier. There are many benefits in moving your business to the cloud.


Reduced costs

Cloud computing services are typically pay as you go, so costs shift from large capital outlays to minimal startup costs and predictable ongoing operating expenses. As such, using cloud services can reduce the cost of owning and maintaining an IT system, by replacing physical hardware costs – and often expensive outlays – with monthly or yearly subscription fees. Essentially, the costs of buying and maintaining a server are the responsibility of the cloud service provider. All systems upgrades, new hardware and software are then included in your service contract.


Security and disaster recovery

Data protection, backup and security are managed by the cloud provider to a level of protection that few businesses or even government agencies could duplicate. The system not only stores your data, but also backs it up regularly to avoid data loss in the event of a shut down.


Time saving

Cloud computing allows employees to share files, collaborate on projects and maintain contact wherever they might be, simply by logging onto a cloud system. All that is needed to ensure connectivity is an internet connection, so whether working in the office from wifi or working remotely, your staff should always have access.


Document control

Version control can be a big issue in the construction industry, with updates to plans, files and documents of all kinds. Cloud computing can help keep all files in one location, with everyone having access to the same versions, improving access and communication for all staff members.


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