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Casalite Electrics is an electrical contractor based in Maroochydore. The company started in 1974, and works for residential, commercial and industrial customers providing a wide range of electrical services.

The team at Casalite Electrical on the sunshine coast with their work vans

Owner Paul Christie uses cloud-based applications throughout the business.

“That is the good thing with the cloud. Access from anywhere, but only for the people who need it. So there is currency of information. It is up to date. We get more productivity as a result from everybody,” said Paul.

“The risks are the internet failing. I have accounts with Telstra and Optus to manage the risk of one failing and I use free WiFi whenever I can.”

But the benefits are clear as well.

“Now we have a cloud-based system, I don’t need a server anymore.”

Paul has seen the importance of embracing technology.

“Customers have changed. Technology has changed the way customers find us. Yellow Pages has gone forever. Payment has changed. No more cheques, people pay online.

We are using all the technology we need. We aren’t sitting in an office anymore. We can work from anywhere.”

Find out more about Casalite Electrics via their website or connect with them on Twitter or LinkedIn


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