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Established in 2005, Electrical Continuity works for residential and commercial customers providing a wide range of services, from testing electrical blankets to contract work in the aviation industry.

Owner Nicholas Brameld learned the hard way how cloud computing can benefit a business.

Electrical Continuity with vans

“One night there was storm and the roof leaked over the server. It cost me $14,000 to replace. During that period I lost jobs, lost records and upset customers. It was chaos and I ended up with a big bill. The existing management application was old, clunky and slow,” said Nicholas.

Moving to the cloud was the beginning of a journey. Once one application had proved itself, it became the stimulus to look at more cloud solutions.

“simPRO pushed us heavily in the direction of Xero. We were using MYOB. At the same time my accountant suggested it would be easier for us to use Xero. So we moved at the end of the financial year. I wouldn’t recommend doing it at any other time,” said Nicholas.

“We instantly started saving more time. Xero was easier to use.”

The company then started looking at other options.

“Email and document storage were the only things still on the server. I had a few more IT bills to pay and it made me consider that the time had come to change,” said Nicholas.

“So we used Google Apps for email and moved to Box for storage. Within a couple of months, everything was a managed “cloud” service. I had no more servers to worry about and I could concentrate on running the company.”

With the company now running completely on cloud services Nicholas offers some advice who are considering the move.

“Always ask, “Can I get my data?” and “Where is my data stored?” he said.

“Connection reliability is a risk. When we moved to this office Telstra let us down on timing. So we ran the office off Vodaphone Wi-Fi dongles for three weeks.

“If you have a laptop and power gets cut you can still operate. I can do everything off my laptop or iPad anyway. So we don’t have any time when we are not connected to the applications we need.”

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  • Tappr

    We are biased but we love seeing the transition to the ‘cloud’! It’s so sad when this happens to such hard working businesses like Nicholas’s- and it happens all the time! We hope you are well on your feet and if you ever need a payment solution that you will love as much as Xero (heck we even integrate with them!), we’re always here!! Best wishes for the future of your business! Lauren ~ Team Tappr!

  • Well I’ve been a convert for 5 Years, this is how long we have spent developing and testing Scheduleflow for managing jobs and invoices in the field for electricians, our customers have grown with us and helped us get it right, and they haven’t had to worry about servers in house. And on the other comment we integrate with Xero.

  • Great news guys. Glad they’re enjoying simPRO, Xero and the cloud.

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