eCommerce refers to any type of transaction that occurs over the internet. Your first thought might be online stores such as eBay or Amazon, but eCommerce also includes digital invoicing systems, secure payment portals on your own website, or taking bookings online.

There are literally hundreds of different products and services for sale online, and a multitude of different ways these products can be delivered. In its most basic form, eCommerce works as follows:

  • Consumers choose a product or service on a website
  • Consumers pay for that service using electronic means e.g. secure credit card payment online, pay your invoice online or PayPal services
  • The business receives payment.

This simple process is helped along by software operating in the background that keeps payment secure when using credit cards, or automates invoice delivery if using an invoice system.


In electrical businesses, it is more likely that you will use an invoice-based eCommerce system, to send customers invoices direct from the job site. Or, you might use a portable credit card payment system that allows you to use your own device to take secure credit card payments on the job site.

These flexible digital systems can be operated via apps direct from a smart phone or tablet, or can be controlled from a computer in your office. There are literally hundreds of options, making it easier for you to find a system that fits your current procedures without too much disruption to your business.

Due to the rapid rise in mobile devices, we are seeing a rise in consumer based mCommerce, or mobile commerce, where the customer pays you direct from their smart phone. Online banking services and the availability of high speed networks are pushing the growth in this area. Check out this video from the ACMA for more of these key trends.


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