The benefits of eCommerce for small business are vast.


Increased Job Opportunities

With digital payment systems, you may find that you’re spending less time after hours completing invoices, chasing payments and keeping track of your accounts. This all adds up to more free time for you and your management. But it doesn’t stop there – even your staff can save time on their invoicing procedures. With less travel to and from the office, that means more efficient staff who can attend more jobs in the same amount of time.


Shorter Time Frames

A digital invoicing system can help you receive payment quicker, even direct from the job site. Invoicing from the job provides your customer with their bill as soon as the job is closed. It’s a much quicker system than returning to the office to email or post an invoice. See our Case Study with Beel Electrical for details of how this system can be used in your business.


Increase Efficiency

One of the key reasons for implementing an integrated eCommerce system is to increase the efficiency of your staff. A simple job management system can allow you to schedule tasks to staff, track their movements on the road via GPS, and automate their paperwork, saving huge amounts of down time in travel to and from the office.


Happy Customers

Customers want to be able to be able to book your services direct from your website – an integrated job management and eCommerce system can help you do that. In emergency situations, it might be necessary for your customers to search via mobile devices at any time, so this type of system can work to schedule jobs for you in the background. It can also send automatic emails to customers when they make a booking – and it’s this kind of service that customers want in an emergency.


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