Mobile web tools can be valuable to electrotechnology businesses for quoting, scheduling, project management, job tracking, invoicing, accessing catalogues, insurance and accreditation. Web tools effectively bring the power of an application into the hands of a person in any location.

One of the main benefits of web tools is the ability to easily customise them to meet your business needs. Web based tools can be used as stock standard, or designed and built to order. In their application in the electrotechnology industry, web tools allow orders to be taken and invoices issued and managed electronically, eliminating the need for paper based forms.

Major web-based job management application simPRO is designed specifically for trade contractors and larger electrotechnology businesses, allowing users to manage all the business processes outlined above. GeoOP is another web-based job management system used in the industry, particularly by smaller businesses.


About Web Tools

The electrotechnology industry has outpaced national workforce growth with the number of electricians employed in Australia growing from 90,226 in 2006 to 110,713 in 2011. This 23 per cent increase is in comparison to the national average of just eight per cent.

Web Tool use in the electrotechnology industry

About Web Tools in the electrotechnology industry

With the increase in competition, businesses need efficient systems in place to build business success. This includes systems for communicating and managing business processes with staff and customers, regardless of their location.

Web tools can offer a broad range of benefits to electrotechnology businesses, individuals and customers.

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