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Power Integration van on job site

Established in 2004, Power Integration is a Brisbane-based company offering a range of electrical, technology and automation services across both the residential and commercial sectors.

Owner Glen Powell uses cloud-based services for all aspects of his business.

“I never accepted what was. I always knew there was a better way”, said Glen.

The company initially moved from using spreadsheets to using simPRO, an integrated job management system. simPRO provided an estimating system to quote jobs, run jobs, invoice and manage accounting.

“We also found an estimating application called Groundplan that allows us to export to simPRO,” said Glen.

Groundplan enables users to upload a copy of their building plans, to measure inventory needs and confirm quantities. It offers users real time collaboration on projects with all interested parties, and also integrates with simPRO, giving users one platform to operate from.

With technology having a disruptive impact on all industries, Glen sees this as an opportunity to be more productive and efficient. He admits it is also changing customer expectations and no business can afford to ignore this.

“The level of customer expectation is much higher than it used to be. They now know what they want. They have done their homework. They are better educated than before. We are now very much guided by what they want,” said Glen.


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