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Casalite Electrics is an electrical contracting business based in Maroochydore. The company started in 1974, and works for residential, commercial and industrial customers providing a wide range of electrical services.

Owner Paul Christie uses a web-based job management system to run the business.

The team at Casalite Electrical on the sunshine coast with their work vans

After working in Europe and seeing the benefits of process and job automation, Paul returned to Australia and looked for a local job management system suitable for the electrical contracting industry.

There were only a few products that were appropriate for electricians, and after speaking with other electricians and researching which product would best suit his needs, the search narrowed down to simPRO.

“I wanted something that had more reporting options, materials information and could increase productivity. simPRO is a complicated system, but if you do the basic training then it can do everything,” said Paul.

It was a four-week process to integrate the system, from software installation, to training office staff, managers and finally the field staff.

“We had to move our data across from the old system, first the client base, then the materials, cleaning the data as we went, removing old clients and so on. We then worked through a real job so that everybody was comfortable with using the new system,” said Paul.

“simPRO has a really good help desk, with live chat. If we had a question then it would be answered straight away.”

simPRO was initially designed by an electrician and has grown to become one of the most popular job management systems for the electrical trades industry in Australia.

For Paul and the team at Casalite Electrical, simPRO’s appeal was its ability to integrate with other software applications. This has proven to be a huge success for Paul, streamlining his processes.

“There are two additional products that [we have implemented to] work with simPRO. One is Groundplan, which is an estimating package and the other is the simTRAC GPS product that allows us to see where the tradespeople are at any time,” he said.

“I can see how long people are on a job and that helps us to handle customer queries.

“I use simTRACfor GPS tracking of vehicles. I use GroundPlan for quoting and estimating. And we use Xero for accounting.

“It all links together as an integrated system. You can set the rules so that only a few selected people can access certain parts of the system. That is the good thing with the Cloud. Access from anywhere, but only for the people who need it.”


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