In a collaborative industry like construction or the electrotechnology industry, software tools have improved information sharing, project management, communication, productivity, data integrity and project outcomes.

The benefits are now extending beyond construction into building and infrastructure management and maintenance, as well as “smart building” in general. Building Information Management systems (BIM) are becoming the foundation for all major building and construction projects, and this software will steadily encroach into all areas of activity and all projects.

In the electrotechnology sector digital collaboration tools are those that allow workers to easily share information during a project. These include online cloud storage products offering collaboration and sharing of documents and plans with staff, clients and suppliers.

The mobile phone and the smart phone have both become valuable collaboration tools in their own right. Images can be captured and stored for insurance purposes, shared with technical experts for comment, for proof of damage or problem identification, job tracking, progress reports, workplace health & safety and other reasons.

Mobile devices bring useful applications directly into the worksite, allowing workers to access and share information immediately and powerfully. They also allow workers to coordinate services effectively and productively during the working day and beyond.

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