With the increase of mobile devices and an increase in the availability of fast broadband, digital collaboration is quickly spreading, propelling the electrotechnology industry forward. Digital collaboration is pushing projects forward, increasing efficiency and productivity. The benefits of digital collaboration are endless.


Jobs can be scheduled effectively and productively

Being able to schedule jobs, track progress, and estimate completion times accurately through the use of connected mobile devices, allows a workforce to be managed more effectively. Field staff are empowered, less time is wasted and individuals can be rescheduled quickly and easily to other jobs where necessary.


Questions and issues can be resolved quickly

Issues arising on a job can be addressed quickly through the use of digital collaboration tools. Online tools allow staff on site to connect regularly with management or office administrators to ensure that any problems are communicated effectively and efficiently. Photographs can be taken and shared with head office, expert technicians, customers and decision makers, materials suppliers and property management agencies, often allowing questions to be sorted out on the spot.


Plans and manual can be shared with latest versions always available

The currency of plans and manuals can be a major issue, and providing a team of field staff with access to the latest version, anywhere at any time, improves the productivity and professionalism of a business. This can also lead to fewer mistakes and time wastage. Being able to share images and documents, or specify and approve materials, offers huge time savings, reduces misunderstandings and leads to more successful outcomes.


Project management status available

Collaboration tools used effectively put the manager back in control of the business, regardless of their location. Digital collaboration tools can mean the status of jobs and projects are always available. The impact of distance is reduced considerably and jobs can be managed from any location.


Ongoing maintenance and other issues can be managed

Maintenance projects can involve a lot of coordination of customer availability, time windows and staff scheduling. Traditionally, this has been hard to manage just over the phone and is prone to double-booking and errors. Mobile collaboration tools have now made time management much more effective, with increased satisfaction for customers, property managers and electrical contractors.


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