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Power Integration van on job site

Established in 2004, Power Integration is an electrical and communications company offering a range of electrical, technology and automation services across both the residential and commercial sectors.

The owner, Glen Powell, uses Box, a cloud-based storage application as the document management, storage, file sharing and collaboration system.

“We use it to manage workflow”, said Glen.

The company moved into using Box carefully, ensuring that everybody was comfortable with the system before going ahead.

“It was very intuitive and it made sense to everybody, so we steadily moved everything into the system over time,” Glen said.

Collaboration can extend beyond the business, into relationships with customers and suppliers.

“At some point we want customers to be able to log onto the system as well,” said Glen.

“We want to be able to take the social power of Facebook or some other social media tool and apply it to connect real estate agents, renters and us to collaborate on fixing issues and problems together.”

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