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Electrical Continuity with vans

Established in 2005, Electrical Continuity is based in Brisbane, working for residential and commercial customers providing a wide range of services, from testing electrical blankets up to contract work in the aviation industry.

The owner Nicholas Brameld, uses collaboration tools every day to ensure his business operates effectively.

“Being able to use smart phones to take photographs on site and email them to head office, means we can identify issues, collaborate with technicians, show them the problems directly, discuss them and get advice – all without anybody else having to come and visit the site,” said Nicholas.

The staff are always in touch and can share and access all the documents required to complete a job.

“We use Box, a cloud based storage application as our collaboration platform. So no members of the team have to take plans with them to a job. They use an iPad and call the plans up for each job, when they get there,” said Nicholas.

“In the past, the plans used to be faxed, printed and sent to each job. If the plans changed, they would waste time going back to the office to get the new plans.”

Collaboration is now easy for the industry. Being able to access information at the touch of a button can empower, inspire and motivate the workforce.

“Now we work electronically. The time on each job has diminished enormously as a result, and has also made the work teams more focused on what they do.”

Find out more about Electrical Continuity via their website or connect with them on Facebook


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