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Established in 2004, Power Integration is a Brisbane-based company offering a range of electrical, technology and automation services across both the residential and commercial sectors. Owner, Glen Powell, introduced telework into his business after recognising the need to display innovation in technology in order to remain at the forefront of his industry.

Power Integration van on job site

At Power Integration, staff are provided with the flexibility to “check-in” remotely using iPads and smart phones, so that physically attending the office on a daily basis is not necessary.

“The systems we have allow them to communicate with us automatically. It saves time and increases the skills set of our employees by removing the need to ring the office to ask questions,” said Glen.

“They can simply jump online and find the information they need. It takes the complexity out of managing because the information is available to everyone”.

Of course, giving staff the freedom and flexibility to work remotely requires a level of trust from an employer. From Glen’s perspective this trust has reaped dividends with staff motivated to be proactive, improve their time management skills and take more initiative in the work that they do.

Giving staff the tools to work remotely has also boosted the profitability of the business. Introducing systems that enable staff to access information instantly opened up a world of opportunities for Power Integration to offer a greater range of products and services to customers on the spot.

Power Integration’s customers are also appreciating what the company is trying to do by embracing telework. Ease of communication has been boosted without the need for phone calls, which is then translated into speedier progress reports and status updates for customers.

It took a bit of trial and error to find the most suitable systems and establish the right procedures for his business. Glen recommends that other companies embarking on these changes need to give it time to work.

“You need to dedicate time and resources and have a project champion. But the cost savings are ten-fold”.

Overall, Glen estimates that, because of a telework system, his overheads have dropped by half, with one administrative person able to perform the work of two due to the increased productivity.

Telework has also made meetings much less of an inconvenience for the business. For Glen, the ready accessibility to files and procedures means preparing for a meeting is no longer a time consuming exercise as all the information he needs is directly at his fingertips.

“As long as procedures are set up correctly and staff are disciplined enough to upload files into the system, having the flexibility to work remotely can be an invaluable time saver in so many ways,” he said.

Glen has big plans for the future of Power Integration and is striving to create a culture of innovation and technology for his business.

His advice to other business owners interested in entering the world of telework is “if it doesn’t work, keep on trying. The more you learn the more you will discover all of the different ways you can run your business more efficiently.”


Find out more about Power Integration via their website

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