Video conferencing can allow people in distant locations to participate in meetings at short notice, when travel would be impossible, with savings to both time and cost. Video conferencing benefits include increased efficiency of staff, improvements to staff moral and the possibility of decreased costs over time, as employees no longer have to return to the office between jobs.


Face-to-face vs. phone-to-phone

Technology such as VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, can be used in conjunction with desktop video conferencing to allow low-cost, face-to-face business meetings for businesses with national, regional and remote offices. This can allow project teams to be in regular contact, reducing the requirement for members to travel to every meeting, allowing for face-to-face meetings at any time.


Project Management

Video conferencing allows project managers to support multiple sites, reducing time frames, improving communication and completing projects faster. One project manager connecting with staff in multiple locations gives your business a centralised information source regarding all outstanding projects.

Video conferencing can also assist with managing the client side of a project, allowing face-to-face meetings with clients via video, rather than phone calls.


Human Resources

Video conferencing reduces the cost of recruitment, improves training and keeps employees engaged. It can allow safety meetings to be conducted online or on site, reducing the need to bring people back to the main office.


It can be wireless

Wireless solutions can allow you to stay connected while moving throughout a building site. Imagine being able to update a client on the progress of your work via video, and physically showing them the completed work. This unique style could set you apart from your competitors, while also giving the client a chance to request changes part way through a project, potentially saving you money and time if a costly change is requested after project completion.


  • Juliet Bell

    Video Conferencing helps businesses in reduced costs, better client interaction, increased productivity etc. Hence, most businesses use web video conferencing tools like R-HUB web conferencing servers, webex, gomeetnow, gotomeeting etc.

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