Video conferencing was first used within corporate networks, but is now becoming more widely accessible. Free internet services such as Skype and iChat have made people aware of what can be achieved. The demand on the quality of audio and video in a videoconferencing system varies with industry and the expectation of the users. Generally, better quality costs more.

Video conferencing is used in the electrotechnology industry to overcome the problems of communication with workforce, construction partners and teams operating across many different locations.

What is video conferencing in the electrotechnology industry?

Video conferencing

The value of online tools of any kind has to be measured against its applicable day-to-day value. For larger electrotechnology companies, video conferencing may have value in connecting offices, customers and remote worksites. For smaller companies and sole contractors, video conferencing can connect individuals into a larger team.

Video conferencing can be used to improve communication with clients and customers, before, during and after a project, allowing the inclusion of 3D modeling software and plans into meetings. It can also be used for one-on-one training, onsite demonstration, design and spec reviews.

There is constant pressure within the industry to improve efficiency and productivity, complete projects faster and reduce mistakes and accidents. Video conferencing allows experts such as architects, specialised technicians and inspectors (who can’t be onsite everyday) to give input, in real time, remotely.

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