Your website is like a digital shop front for your business – it enables you to provide customer service, sell your product or service, and communicate with potential leads. But developing a website can take time, and it’s maintenance is just as important as the original build.These three topics can help you plan, build and launch a successful website that will enable you to do all of these things. Digital Basics offers you some simple starting points for getting your business online. There’s basic tips on etiquette and simple ideas for getting started. It’s also a good refresher course for someone who has been using online tools for a while, but needs to get back to basics. Online Planning helps you plan your online activities. This is the basic starting point for all small business owners or managers. The topic will help you put in place a simple strategy. With free Online Business Plan templates, you can begin your journey correctly, ensuring that your digital activities won’t be wasted. An effective plan also gives you measurement tools to assess your digital spend. Creating a Website talks you through the three steps in building a website: planning, building and launching. This topic provides you with information that can help you discuss your needs with a web developer, or start the process yourself. Even if you already have a website, this topic can help you make it more effective. You will also learn website trends that will help your website remain current and relevant to web users. The Search Engine Optimisation topic helps you put in place methods that will enable your website to be found by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is an important factor in building a website, and can be overlooked by small business. We break the topic down into easy to understand sections to help you develop a search engine optimisation strategy by yourself or with an agency. If you’d like help learning how to implement these digital strategies into your business, simply click on any of the icons below to start working through our Website topics.

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