The style of your website depends greatly on what you wish to achieve with the platform. Generally, electrical businesses choose one of two types of websites; online brochure websites, or interactive websites. The two offer vastly different elements and are both adaptable to your business needs.


Online Brochure Websites

A simple brochure website will let you notify customers of the type of work you provide, without getting into the complexities of creating online sale facilities. Adding a simple booking form is a great way for those in the electrical industry to encourage leads, in particular if it creates an afterhours booking facility.

This type of website is a great starting point for businesses who do not currently have a website. With simple navigation and relatively few pages, a simple brochure website creates an online presence that could connect your business with new customers. Be sure to include your business name, telephone number and physical address.


Interactive Websites

Interactive websites are those that contain elements that allow customers to do more than just browse through your services. Interactive elements popular to the electrotechnology industry include, e-commerce services, online booking forms, quote request forms, click to call services, and customer feedback portals.


e-Commerce websites

e-Commerce websites include applications that allow you to sell your products and services online through secure systems such as Credit Card or PayPal. This may supplement your existing shopfront, or even remove the need for it, by allowing customers to browse and buy online. E-commerce sites can be as simple as linking to an account in eBay, or as complex as an internal PayPal system, depending on your needs.


Online booking forms

Online booking forms allow customers to book an appointment direct with your company via your website. Booking systems such as this display available times, and the customer simply selects a time to make the booking.


Quote request forms

Quote request forms allow customers to request a quote for work. The interactive form is set up to ask for the information needed to provide a quote on the work required. The process can be enabled through a simple contact form, whereby the quote is manually calculated and then emailed to the customer. Alternatively, a web developer can build a form using web code that calculates a quote based on your company fees, and sends an automated quote to the customer.


Click to Call functionality

Click to call functionality allows a mobile customer to call your business directly from your mobile website. The tool is invaluable for the electrotechnology industry, and a great way to take bookings from potential customers, as it eliminates the need for them to write down your number and call at a later time.


Customer feedback centres

Customer feedback centres are a common feature on interactive websites. These forms allow customers to provide you with a testimonial to display on your website and are great for rich snippets. Customer reviews are a great asset that can be collected via your website or social media accounts, and are highly valued by search engines when determining a ranking. See the Search Engine Optimisation module for more.


eNewsletter functionality

eNewsletter signup forms can be built directly into your website, to allow a customer to sign up to receive regular communication from your business. If your business uses a Customer Relationship Management system, your eNewsletter signup form can be set up to feed information directly into your database. See the Customer Engagement module for more on Email Marketing and eNewsletters.

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