Welcome to our Digital Basics topic. This topic is a great starting point for those who are taking their first steps into the digital world. It’s also a tidy refresher course for those who have been using digital tools for quite some time.

We often find that technology moves so fast that we’re unable to keep up with all of the changes. That is a perfectly normal feeling, especially for business owners who wear many different hats – CEO, electrical contractor, business administration, marketing manager, the list goes on. In this topic, we discuss the ways you can keep yourself in the game without the overwhelming pressure that comes with learning how to use every single digital tool on the market.

The Electrician’s Digital Business Kit offers assistance on a wide range of topics. Each topic falls into a different category: websites, marketing, cloud technology, and strategy and security. The website has been divided up into these categories to best reflect your needs. These bite sized chunks also enable you to move through the website and pick up skills along the way, rather than being bombarded with information.

Some of these technologies are free to use, like social media. Others, such as a website or cloud based services, can sometimes be costly. All of them take additional time out of your schedule. In either case, there is no point investing time and money into a system that’s not working, or that hasn’t been researched properly.

That’s what this getting back to basics topic is about – laying the foundation for a successful and effective digital strategy.

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