It’s a known fact that digital technology is constantly evolving – when we try to imagine where we will be in 20, 10 or even five years, it’s often hard to develop a clear picture. It’s true that these technologies can be immensely helpful to business owners, helping to manage everything from your job calendar to your inventory. However, sometimes we find ourselves using the technology just because it’s there, and we see it as necessary. A lot of small business owners simply aren’t investing the time and money in planning and researching the technology before implementing it.

In this topic, we will discuss the ways in which you can get back to basics and build a solid foundation for your businesses digital activities.


Refocusing Your Marketing Campaigns Improves Your Budget

Going back to the drawing board and assessing your marketing spend is a necessary task, and something you should address on a regular basis. There’s not much point sticking with ‘the usual’ if it’s not working. If your customers have moved onto new networks, then you need to move with them. You will quickly find that your return on investment in marketing spends improves if you pay attention to the habits of your customers.


Starting Small Allows You To Do A Few Things Well

There’s not much use in jumping onto every medium straight away, and then floundering around senselessly as you build your understanding of the product. If you’re interested in social media, test the waters with one network. Take your time to build followers and figure out what sort of content works well. If you’re building a new website, start small with a few features. You can always talk to your developer about adding new features at a later date (learn more about what to ask your developer here).


Basic Acts Help Your System Remain Secure

One of the simplest ways you can get back to basics is by setting aside fifteen minutes every six months to update your passwords. Hacking is a big business, and a simple phrase and number combination is unfortunately not secure enough anymore. We recommend using a simple random password generator to create a password that contains upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. These have proven to be the hardest to crack by malicious crawlers, that can sometimes attack your website to mine it for its data.


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