There are many benefits of taking your business online, from marketing and public relations, to generating online sales and improving customer service. Your online presence is similar to your physical shopfront, in that it allows customers to learn about your product or services, find your phone number or request a quote. The one major difference however, is that your online shopfront is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The below benefits relate to the main reason most business go online: customer retention and customer acquisition.

Online business benefits:

  • An online presence gives you the ability to take bookings quickly and easily, through an online booking form. See the Creating a Website module for more
  • Opening up digital platforms allows you to create a forum for customer service. Websites and social media platforms allow your customers to bring their query to you, at a time that suits their schedule and their needs. This creates another communication channel between you and your customers, or potential customers. Find out how to stay polite and professional in our blog post – Online Etiquette 101
  • Digital marketing can be much more cost effective than traditional marketing techniques. The high cost of printing flyers for a postal run may be offset with cheaper, online advertising rates on more targeted platforms, essentially decreasing waste by improving targeting techniques
  • Digital marketing strategies are much more flexible than their traditional marketing counterparts. As opposed to structured programming for traditional media outlets, if something isn’t working on your website or social media channel, you have the flexibility to adjust your content or strategy with limited costs to the campaign
  • Going online creates a level playing field. Smaller businesses have a greater ability to compete with large corporations. Traditionally, smaller businesses would struggle to compete with the shopfronts of their larger competitors, but a crisp, clear and well planned website is accessible for all businesses, regardless of size
  • Going online can give you a stronger voice, that reaches further. Your business’s website or social media page can be viewed around the globe at any time of day, giving consumers access to your product or service at any time of the day
  • Online content is non-intrusive. Gone are the days of cold calling and mail blasts. In the online sphere, consumers can choose to subscribe to the communication they want ensuring they receive only the information they find relevant
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